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  1. Hey all. Just a quick question about spare parts. My Original+ (the good old DIY wood one) has had a mishap and I need to replace the metal plate holding the hot end together and the thumb screws that hold it all in place. I found a good supplier for the plate that is UK based so that's no problem but I am having issues sourcing the 4 long screws. Are these the same as the ones for the UM2? Or any others that are cross compatible because I seem to only find ones for later models and I don't want to buy the wrong ones. Thanks everyone!
  2. Ok. All fixed now. It was the heater probe but not the end at the board. The wires had somehow frayed near the hot end and were shorting out there. Replaced the heater probe and it's back up and running. Thanks for your help everyone.
  3. Yes. I know. I am well aware of what side I photographed. Let's make this really simple. Left side, the PT100 side. It has sockets for the 2 pin wire plugs. Right side in the highlighted area, the bed connections which are bare wires that feed into the sockets with no plastic plugs. I can't put the PT100 into the bed without cutting the plug off the wires which is something I will not do.
  4. As you can see here, these a wires with premade plugs. They will not physically fit into the sockets for the bed heater. Not without cutting the wires.
  5. To be fair, the nozzle has never really been a problem, prints perfectly fine so long as I don't melt important wires. But I will re-adjust this as you've pointed out when I get it capable of heating up again to see if I get a better result. Thanks for the tip!
  6. I don't have a potentiometer. And the connections for the heater bed are just bare wires so I can't swap the connections over to test as you've suggested.
  7. I set it all up with no power at the wall socket. Ok. Here is the hot end with probe out. Here's how I plugged the probe into the block. Put in the securing screw. And attach the socket end to Temp 1. This is a video of what happens when I apply power and tell it to heat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7gIidLWvbQ I have also tried this without the securing screw in just in case it was bridging between the probe and the heater element. Hope that makes it clear. Same result every time I try it.
  8. Hey people, I just recently melted the wires of my heat probe while cleaning a nozzle. I know, I'm an idiot. So I ordered a new one, replaced it into the heat block, screwed the holding screw in place, plugged the socket end back into Temp 1 and now when I go to heat my PLA, the safety trips and reboots the printer. I have checked it over and it keeps shorting out. Have I got a dud probe on my hands or have I forgotten a step in putting it back together? Thanks in advance for the assistance! - Luche
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