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  1. I guess another workaround could be using ser2net on the A20 since it looks like they give a shell with hopefully root acess as outlined in the developer mode post. Hopefully there will be some way to accommodate the new homing in the UM3
  2. Ahh that's a little disappointing. I am looking for a printer to use in some software development revolving around a custom CAD/Slicer suite that would explicitly require that usb connection. Don't want to rip apart a 3.5k machine to do so though. The UM2+ looks like it should satisfy that requirement though, am I wrong? I understand it isn't officially supported but nonetheless possible by setting the flavor on the machine to reprap?
  3. I noticed that it looks like the USB connection is removed from the back panel. Does the UM Board still run Ulti-Marlin? Does the A20 process some of the GCode and send the command over via a standard serial connection?
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