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  1. Hi; out of experience I can tell you.. it's almost impossible to block the PVA core as long as you are using Cura and the latest firmware.. can you test the following for me; can you please remove all material from your printer. take out the bb core, and take some pictures to show us. i'd love to see the nozzle. then reinsert the BB core. now cut off about 50 cm of the PVA material. use the "load" option in the firmware to load the PVA filament in feeder 2. at a certain point, it will say press the button once you see filament coming out. take a picture as soon as the first bits of filam
  2. Thank you for your reply … I have redacted my original post (I was a little upset). I have ordered a few needles in hopes that will do it trick. I think I notice this happening after updating Cura 2.3.0 to 2.3.1 When I used Cura to print the first time (at the start) the BB core would flash blue... and the AA core was flashing red. The last few time I tried printing PVA both cores were red for about 10 -15 minutes while printing the build plate adhesion layer (it a big first layer) .. maybe because of the long time before printing the PVA is what clog the nozzle. Again thank you for yo
  3. I am not one who complains... The first day I was able to print one (1) time using PVA... after that I have not been able to print with PVA and i have tried over 15 times. Office temp is 72 and the humidity 40 .... so i doubt that that has anything to do with it. Yes I have done a cool pull 6-10 times and a hot pull 6-10 time... it's so clog that i cannot unclog it. I order a new BB core but dynamism does not them in-stock and cannot tell me when I can get one if ever. Said I have to buy and pay for a new BB core that only worked once. BR.
  4. Thank you for all the information... I will try and let you know. However it could be that because the PVA was loaded on the printer for the 22 hours of print time + 3-4 hours after printing ... I guess it could have picked up some moisture... I did put in a zip-lock bag with 2 moisture killer packs. Sorry did not take a picture of the second try that would not stick... This is a picture for the successful first print print.. wow I was so happy... as i could never print this object on my other printer. http://www.oaklawnlodge1166.com/bobr-002.png However I did try a different object with
  5. I just got my Ultimakes 3 ... 4 days ago... after my first print that took 22 hour (wow it turned out nice) it work without a problem (that was my first print)... I removed the PVA and put it away. Yesterday and today I tried to print the same object again... and now the PVA is not sticking to PLA adhesion layer. I tried printing without an adhesion layer 99% of the PVA stuck to the glue... but some of the PLA part came of of the glue. I have cleaned the BB core... anyone have information how to get PVA to stick. Thanks BobR
  6. First the Ultimaker is far the best printer around... Just got the Ultimaker 3 yesterday... and with out having to do anything but put in the filament and plug in in.... WOW and now it is finishing a 22 hour print... unbelievable. My question is after it has stop printing... what to do? Should I remove the PVA filament ... I will not print again for 2-3 day. I understand that the PVA will degrade if left out. Kind regards Bobr
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