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  1. Here are some photos. The support gets printed but the part looks very bad where the support is.
  2. Hello, I have a big problem. I have been struggling with it for few months and can't find the answer. I work with Ultimaker 3. When printing one material, everything is OK, however when I print model from extrunder 1 and support from extruder 2, the printed models gets wrapped and ugly but only in the area where two materials meet. What can be causing this issue. I tried leveling and calibrations etc. Feeder one prints PLA, feeder two prints PVA (water disolvable). I appreciate your help.
  3. Hello, I recently started using Ultimaker 3. I am doing large prints around 17cm x 17 cm x 15 cm. As the printer started printing the built plate. I noticed that parts of it didn't stick. On one print they got lifted quite high and the nozzle hit it resulting in damaged print. I tried using glue but it results in the same thing. It seems that right side of the built plate is not getting heated correctly. What is the best way to make sure that the built plate would stick correctly?
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