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  1. So, last Friday evening I started a 36 hour print. It's a fairly large part, being approximately 6" x 8" x 1/2". I checked after the first two layers had been printed, and everything seemed to be working fine. I must mention that that was the 4th attempt at starting the part. The first attempt, I applied the glue that came with the printer, evenly across the entire glass building plate, and the result was that the brim didn't seem to be sticking very well, and especially toward the back of the machine, where the filament feeder tube has the tightest bend to it. It appeared as if the filament would partially stick to the build plate, continue through it's arc and stick again, thus leaving a straight line of material between the two points where it had stuck. What I ended up doing on the 4th attempt was increasing the build plate temperature to 70 deg. C, turning the temperature of the material to 215 deg. C, material flow rate up to 110%. My reasoning being that by increasing the temperatures and flow rates that it would print larger 'beads' with each pass, then melt more onto the build plate, thus allowing it to stick to the build plate a little better. I should also note, that I did not use glue on the build plate on this attempt. Material: PLA Print Speed: 110% of the default 60 m/s, so 66 m/s Material Temp: 215 deg. C Build Plate Temp: 70 deg. C Here is what the part should look like: And here is the disaster that commenced: Any help is much appreciated!
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