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  1. We started to have this problem recently. Instead of straight walls, we get small waves! See pictures attached. I think it is a hardware problem but I am not sure where exactly is the problem and what to do. If you have any idea please comment. Thank you.
  2. Problem solved by changing filament ! I am not sure what exactly is going on but for warping I solved it by increasing build plate temp to 80 c and adding some glue. For under extrusion I fixed it by lowering speed up to 20 mm/s and changing the stupid silver filament !
  3. attached more pictures, you can see the problem is partially solved by reducing speed and increasing tension on the feeder but I do still have the problem slightly. I will try to lubricate the z axis.
  4. I am trying with low speeds up to 25mm/s it helps to go for low speeds but I still do have the problem. I like your idea of calibration I will try it out. Anyway adhesion is not a problem anymore I am just suffering with missing layers in the z axis.
  5. Warping is not a problem anymore, unfortunately I can't overcome this problem with other settings other than 80 degrees bed temp and good amount of glue. Without glue the first layer won't stick at all. About speed and temperature I tried many settings with default temperature than increasing by 10 degrees. For speed I lowered it to be 75% of default speed but I do still have the printed objects very ease to break in many places.
  6. Hello everyone, My name is Othman and I have just finished unboxing my new Ultimaker 2+. I have five other 3D printers and I am in the industry of 3D printing since 2013. I am surprised with the quality I got from the Ultimaker 2+, I am sure this is not the quality I am supposed to get. Something must be wrong. I tried many many different settings but still I get same problems.: 1. Warping 2. Objects are ease to break in the z axis ! I followed all the tips and tricks in the Ultimaker website to get rid of the warping but it is still happening even for a very tiny object ! Something must be wrong with this printer. Attached a picture comparing the test print that comes with the printer and my print file even after trying to play with settings it is still so poor. Please help. Update: I managed to solve warping by re calibration, I went against the rules and I made the first layer almost not being printed! I also added too much sticking glue and made the platform temperature 80 degrees C ! About the z axis problem it looks like Under Extrusion, I am playing with printing speed lets see what happens !
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