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  1. I'm having a hard time getting the sensor out of the block, but I heated up the nozzle, turned off the machine and measured the resistance. It didn't change. Still 108 ... what is going on?!?
  2. I wasn't sure if I needed to, but I guess I need to calibrate the sensor, correct? Can you tell me how to do that. I'm sorry but I'm getting a lot of information online to weed through, and if you can answer me directly, that would be SUPER helpful. -Thanks
  3. Hello, I opened a topic on this earlier, but I'm now facing a new issue. I have a e3D volcano hot end setup as a direct drive on my Ultimaker 2 (See image below) I've been having temperature sensor issues, but I can't use the temperature sensor's Ultimaker makes because they break at the heat I'm heating up to (+290 C). So I had to buy a PT100 sensor from e3D that is supposed to work with the Ultimaker; however, whenever I start heating the nozzle up, the temperature sensor doesn't read any change, and eventually I get the error - temp sensor message. Does any one have any ideas what is
  4. Thank you for the response. I measured the resistance of the temperature sensor. It's about 1 ohm, using the same method I measured the resistance of the heat bed sensor and it was 108 ohms. I have no idea why the resistance is so low, perhaps the sensor was shorted? All I know is I ordered the sensor specifically for the UM2 machine (a PT100 B sensor), and it looks exactly the same as the old one, just a bit longer. Should I assume the sensor is broken, or that I bought the wrong one somehow... and if so, do you know what sensor I should buy, and where?
  5. I have retrofitted our UM2 extended with a direct drive e3D titan motor + e3D volcano hotend. At first, I ran into little to no problems. As long as I kept the temperature below 295 the temperature sensor of the UM2 didnt throw the ERROR - TEMPERATURE STOPPED error; however, overtime the temperature sensor needed to be replaced, so I bought a PT100 B sensor for the UM2. But when I put the new temperature sensor in the printer, the ERROR - TEMPERATURE STOPPED appeared the second it was turned on. I checked all the wiring, and everything is wired up the way it was when it worked. I switched
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