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  1. I will definitely give the slow and cool along with the dummy block a try. Will report back with my results. Thank you!!
  2. I tried that tip. It printed great but it globbed up on parts. I don't know if I need to have cooling between layers or what. it only really prints bad when its a small piece of the print. It's kinda like it prints to fast for the filament to cool.
  3. I'm pretty new to the 3d printing world. Very new to this forum. I've had my Ultimaker 2+ for about a year now and have made some pretty awesome things. But now I'm trying to print some miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons. I'm having trouble with these smaller prints. Mostly with the prints they build up in spots or curl part way through. I'm assuming its a settings issue when I'm going to print since the settings are untouched. Can anyone recommend some settings to try or any tips in general to help make with the miniatures. Thanks, Critical20
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