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  1. Thank you for the suggestions, we tried with tower, without tower with no success, but maybe we found the solution. We used Simplify3D software with our printers, only with this one we used Cura. We tried to print two colors with Simplify after they gave us te correct parameters for the machine and everything went ok with the two colors even on ultimaker 3. They stack beautifully, so maybe we got some parameters in Cura wrong. As soon as we find where is the problem i will let you know. If someone had the same problem please let me know too
  2. We used Extrudr filaments in both. We also tried PLA with PVA for supports and everything went ok. The only issue seems to be the two colors one. Thank you for the answers and HAPPY NEW YEAR to everybody
  3. Still should be interesting to know what kind of materials you use. Even if they are the same kind. We used PLA from Extruder for both the filaments
  4. Firmware updated as far as i know, offset Z calibrated. Everything seems in order but the two colors don't merge together, the filaments are of the same kind. We couldn't detect any fault, it doesn't depend on the file since we tried different ones. Other than this, everything is working fine with this printer.
  5. Here are the images of a simple traffic post, it was well printed but when we took it off the printer it splitted. The two colors are not fastened together. The same happened with all the files we tried to print in two colors.
  6. Calibration done, the printing is very good if I don't try to use double extruder. I will try to send a picture, but I m not very good at it. Thank you for answering
  7. We have bought an Ultimaker 3 some days ago and we have been trying since then to print with two colors very simple items but they keep crumbling down when finished. The print divides in many pieces following the two colors line, i tried with tower and without but it is always the same. Is there someone who could successfully print in two colors? I apologize for my english and if I got the wrong place
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