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  1. Hi gr5, Sorry for the delay replying. I found the setting in the menu and sorted it out quickly. However after printing a part that should have had a circular section and it came out quite oval I found that the rod that passes through the print head on the x axis was about 3mm out of line from one end to the other! I assume this is what caused the switch not to line up in the first place. I have now adjusted the machine to get this rod nice and parallel and then reset the position of the switch just to be safe. Many thanks for your advice.
  2. Firstly I hope I've posted this in the correct section. I received my um3 extended this week and seem to be having an issue when it goes to move the lever to move print core 2 up and down. For some reason it isn't aligning with the slot on the white bracket on the y axis. It keeps pushing the lever into the side of the bracket in front of the slot. I managed to get through an active bed levelling by flicking the lever manually and have completed a couple of prints, which I am very happy with. The white bracket appears to be attached correctly to the side panel and as it has two dowel holes can only go in one position. So I'm wondering is there is some setting I can adjust so the printhead will go to the correct location? Apologies is this has been posted before, I did try searching but had no luck. Possibly not using the right keywords.
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