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  1. I wouldn't bother with the e3d upgrade. Certainly not worth the money We've got 1 one of these on 1 of our ultimakers. Whilst the hotend is fine, everything else isn't. Quite a poor design actually. The push connectors are very hard to remove. Very hard to remove wires through a tiny gap. The thermistor wire is too small. The fan for cooling the filament is a bit of a pain. Changing material is a bit of a pain with the speed. All in all.... poor
  2. lets reignite this thread. It didn't last long at all which is weird. Still having the same problem
  3. ok, so I reinstalled the firmware using the latest cura, then did a factory reset, seems ok now thanks
  4. Brilliant idea. Anyway I will try what has been suggested and let you know how I get on
  5. I have tried updating the firmware, but it still happens. the print quality is fine. krys & gr5? has someone copied my post? can't see on that link
  6. Hi We have 2 ultimakers, one being a 2 and the other a 2+ When a print has finished on the 2+, it retracts too much, so before I can start a new print, I have to go into the menu to 'move material' under the advance settings to move it, otherwise material doesn't flow at the start of the print. Is there a way of sorting this? It didn't happen when we first got it, but it has been happening for a few months. I have tried swapping the memory cards over and it is just the 2+, so I can only assume it is the firmware? I have tried changing the firmware with no luck
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