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  1. Thanks folks. I contacted MatterHackers (my reseller), and they said something similar to what SandervG described above. It may have been a faulty part, or I may have just been unlucky and the PLA detatching eventually flooding the print core. I just got the thing a few weeks ago (no mods or non-default settings), and it's been working great before this, so I'm inclined to believe it was just a fluke. The good news is that they offered to replace the printer, so apart from some downtime it's not a lot of hassle. So despite the issue, I'm very happy with the customer service of MatterHacke
  2. This is PLA from MatterHackers. I was using the normal PLA setttings for Fast Print in Cura. I believe it's 200C/60C.
  3. My UM3 has been working really well since I got it, and apart from a few bad first layers, I haven't had any major failures. Until today: I'm pretty new to 3d printing, so I could use some advice. 1) What's the best way to fix it without causing more damage? The plastic is rock hard. 2) What would cause such a fail? Obviously if I caught it sooner, it wouldn't have been as bad, but I'm not sure why the plastic is shooting out from above the nozzle...what's up with that? 3) The rubbery white material that surrounds the nozzle was embedded in a big glob of plastic (not shown in photo),
  4. Great! Ordered my UM3 and will get the hardened nozzle as soon as it's available!
  5. I really like the Ultimaker 3, however my only hesitation is that I'd like to be able to print NylonX, which is apparently too abrasive for a brass nozzle. Will there be a print core with a hardened nozzle available soon? Something like this: http://olssonruby.com/
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