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  1. I have already done the tests, I get 'Z switch broken', I can hear the switch click when the screw comes into contact with it. I can move the motors by hand with no problems. No pinched cables, I'd not disassembled it recently up until I had the issue, I have now though, checking to see if there is any damage and to test the switch. As for the continuity, I meant to say that the continuity switches along with the button press, so the connection shifts either side of the middle pin when the button is pressed.
  2. Hi, I have an U2 here with absolutely no functional motors. The heaters are still working, but any time I try to do anything that involves moving the build plate or print head, the printer throws back a Z switch fault. The switches appear to function correctly (there is continuity between the appropriate pins when it's pushed or not). I would see if updating the firmware will fix it, or use pronterface, but the printer isn't connecting via USB either. I've tried a factory reset, but now I'm stuck on the part where it wants me to calibrate the build plate, but gives the Z switch error inste
  3. Hi all, I acquired a couple of Ultimaker 2s recently, with both appearing to have bricked 2560 chips on the control board. Both boards have had their chips removed, with one being replaced. I've managed to get the Arduino bootloader onto it and it is reading back ok, but the board isn't showing up as a USB device on Windows, so I can't upload the Marlin firmware to it. Am I missing something? The 24V stuff appears to be working ok, and I get an LED on when the board is powered through the power supply, but nothing on the USB. Is there a way to load the firmware onto the 2560 through anoth
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