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  1. I reloaded the filament, and noticed that the feeder had dug into the filament, which prevented it from feeding into the nozzle. I reloaded the filament, and pushed it until it begin to feed into the heated nozzle, and then it started to pour out. So try removing the filament and restarting.. and look for that dug in filament point in the feed. It works now!
  2. Hey everyone, I just purchased an Ultimaker 2+ extended and trying to get it up and running for its first print. I walked through the installation steps, but ran into a problem. I loaded the filament material into the feeder, which advanced the filament through the tube to the nozzle. However, when I get to the part where I need to wait for the material to come out of the nozzle it never does. I let it run for about 30 minutes, and then selected cancel. The nozzle is new, and hot. But it does not seem to advance the plastic out the end. Since this is a new machine, I don't think it is a clog, and the filament is drawn all the way to the nozzle, and I can see the feeder rotating. Any suggestions for getting this printer working? I read about the atomic method on the webpage, should I try that? Any help is greatly appreciated....
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