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  1. Toolgrrl

    Is that a fan in the print head?

    Thanks, everyone! It turns out that there was a small piece of filament that was keeping the fan blades from spinning. Once I pulled that out, the fan starting working, and the Ultimaker has been printing beautifully. I appreciate your replies! Have a great day
  2. Toolgrrl

    Is that a fan in the print head?

    Ok, just to clarify: the little silver circle with green text behind the grill: that is a fan? And it should be spinning freely, not just twitching? Also, I just checked my fan speed under advanced, and it is at 0%. Should I set it to a certain number?
  3. Hi there- we've had an Ultimaker 2+ X tended for a few months, and we were able to make several decent prints with it. But now the nozzle is clogging, and I've tried the Atomic method to clean it, and able to get it flowing just fine. I will do a small test print (the Ultimaker robot) successfully, but when I start a new larger project, it stops X trading a couple hours in. I'm currently doing another print, using PLA, and I upped the temp to 220 C, and 75% speed. But I noticed the small moving part to the back of the print head doesn't move much, and I'm wondering if it should. Is that a fan? If it's not spinning, would that interfere with extrusion? Thanks in advance!

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