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  1. Thanks for your help. Any idea how to fix this issue?
  2. Hi Guys, I have an Ultimaker 2 Extended+ and a problem with my prints. A few weeks ago I had problems with under-extrusion, but that was fixed by changing the original nozzle to the Olsson-Block with a .6mm nozzle and the coupler, the Hot-End-Isolator and the spring. E.g. nearly everything at the Hot-End, but the temperature sensor and the heater. This fixed many problems, but one: There is nearly no filament extruding at the NW corner of the Build Plate. I've tried releveling the Build Plate and hoped, that the things mentioned above would solve this issue. I'm searching for about two days and can't find a solution or someone with a similar problem. Hopefully there is help in this community or some ideas to fix this problem. There is no difference if i print 3 small parts, 1 big part oder 1 small part. The filament won't extrude nicely in the NW corner. If I put one small part in the SE corner it works just fine, but this should not be the solution. This "fix" won't work with bigger parts. Im using Cura 2.3.0 with this settings: .6 nozzle with PLA Normal quality Quality: Layer Height : 0.15mm Initial Layer Height: 0.3mm Shell: Wall Thickness : 1.59mm Top/Bottom Thickness: 1.2mm Infill: 20% Material: Retraction is enabled Speed: Print Speed: 55mm/s Travel Speed: 120mm/s Cooling: enabled Support: not enabled Build Plate Adhesion: Type : Brim Brim width: 8.0mm Brim Line Count: 16 Special Modes: All at once Temperature: Nozzle: 210°C Build Plate: 60°C If more informations are needed, please ask. If pictures are wanted, i'll upload some. Thanks in advance, Max
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