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  1. After five years of ownership and four moves, it seems I've finally done something to hurt my Ultimaker Original. After setting up in my new apartment, the extruder motor doesn't turn anymore, either when trying to print or controlling it through the "Prepare" menu of my Ulticontroller. Some things I've tried: - Replugging all the cables: No difference. - Swapping the motor to a different port: the extruder now moves when I control the other axis. - Swapping the driver: extruder driver works in other slots, new driver does not work in extruder slot. Visual inspection doesn't show any obvious issues with the electronics (no exploded caps or broken joints that I can see). The above testing makes me think that I need to replace either the electronics or the Arduino Mega. However, I think I could work around the problem in firmware; I have an unused second extruder port, so I should be able to make the firmware treat that as the primary extruder instead of the other one. Any ideas how I could do this? Is it an option somewhere, or would I have to modify some code (which I am not adverse to doing)? Also, if anyone has seen an issue like this before, it would be helpful to know where the problem might lie so I could go deeper into troubleshooting. But I really just want it to work!
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