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  1. any idea what the problem is with this error? LINE NR 149501? print stopped 2hrs into print. thanks chad
  2. My company just purchased a new Ultimaker 3 from amazon. We had our first print of 45 hours make it about 90% through the print. It got a heater error on the print head slot 1 ER15. I powered down the printer and started the same print over again and 5 hours into the print it failed again. Now it will not print with either “aa” print heads or the “bb” print head in slot 1. I was able to get the print to run on slot 2 for an hour or so now that print head seems to be clogged. I have also seen the error code ER12. Is there something wrong with the printer overall and should be returned? My company is looking for a turnkey type of printer. Is the Ultimaker considered a upper hobby grade printer? i checked the 10 pin connector on the print head to see if it was seated well and it was. i also cleaned both print head contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol. still getting ER15. i cant even load PLA in core 1. when it preheat the head it gives me the ER15 before the feeder even turns on. THANKS chad
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