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  1. I don't believe that it happened. I seem to remember there were plans for at least three contests but, for whatever reason, only two of them occurred.
  2. There's supposed to be a "structure" phase to complete the entourage collection, but it hasn't been launched yet... By the time it does, I may actually have my own 3D printer, though I regret it won't be an Ultimaker - they're all too expensive for my budget.
  3. Though I had planned to enter this contest (and the one before that), I've been landed with a number of time-critical matters that all must be completed before I can work on personal projects.
  4. Though this is something of a segway, it can be difficult for users to find an STL file they are looking for, when they may have dozens of them on their computer. The Marlin 3D Printer Tool includes an STL Shell extension to make this easier. After the tool is installed, navigate to its main folder (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Marlin3DprinterTool) and run "Marlin3DprinterToolStlConfiguration.exe": This will open the control panel shown above. All you have to do then is click "Install and Register STL Thumbnail", which will make a thumbnail for every STL file. Normally this will appear in colour but, if you prefer greyscale, clicking "Color on STL" will also change this setting. If you already use Cura or Simplify3D, Marlin's main tool is not needed, so you can just leave it out if you wish - the shell extension accounts for almost all of the installation.
  5. @SandervG thanks for the example set, as this helps demonstrate the rules applied to a scaled 3D model. I hope to sell some content packs for Unreal/Unity this Summer, so don't be surprised if some (outside the contest) are optimised for 3D printing as well ?
  6. I'd like to get involved, but never optmised a mesh before for 3D printing. Are there any guides Ultimaker has to create objects without overhangs?
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