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  1. Ok, I'm not sure I can measure up with the previous post, but thought I would share my latest nevertheless. :-) My wife, since the beginning, sort of tolerates my adventure into 3d printing. Yesterday evening she mentioned something about upcoming GoT season 7. I jumped at the chance saying "well, why don't we print you a dragon?" She gave me a funny look (since I mainly print utilitarian stuff), but I introduced her to thingiverse... and an hour later, she came back with a model (drogon-from-game-of-thrones-6660 on myminifactory). She grumbled when I have put it in cura (print time 1day and change), so I resized to about 75%, print time 15h. Queued the model for printing in the morning. After coming back from work, I found my wife in a good mood. She kept on checking the printer during the day, liking the result. In the end, I, too, like the result quite a bit: (Printed with Swissfil gold, Cura 2.6, Fine setting, no support/adhesion, held on the bed with 3D Lac, no post processing) If only I could convince my phone to focus on the head.
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