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  1. Sketchup is not ideal for making 3D Printable objects. It doesn't care if a design is a proper manifold or not, or if the walls have the minimum printable thickness (or any thickness at all), nor does it care if the insides face outward and vice-versa.

    Still, I use it a lot.

    That said, you probably have any one, or all, of the issues I listed. Download Solid Inspector from the Sketchup Warehouse and use it to check your model. Also ensure that all walls at at least as thick as your print nozzle (typically .4mm). You can look at your model in Cura in x-ray view and if you see any Red areas, those are problems with your model that may keep it from printing properly. Any useful tool is MakePrintable, not that in its effort to fix any issues it may make it worse (remove feature you wanted) - it is just guessing how the model is supposed to be after all.

    Hope this helps.


    Thanks so much!!! I will try this tonight and see how it goes!!!

  2. Hello!

    This is my second post, and I appreciate all your guys' help, and bearing with a noobie. I have been making things in Sketchup for the past 2 days, and 2 of the 2 models that I made, when loaded into Cura, have not been adding in essential pieces.

    For example, I am making a hollow cylinder, that juts in about 0.3mm when it is almost at the bottom, making a smaller entry hole than the top. This increase in size does not get accounted for, and it is just a hollow cylinder, all the same size.

    Another example is that I was making a very simple TV remote holder, and when I imported that it, the decorative supports I made for it were randomly not created.

    The model looks normal in "solid" mode, but when looking through the layers, this is where I see the deletion.

    Any idea helps, and I thank you in advanced!

  3. Hello!

    I am brand new to 3d printing (for like 4 months) and I have just ran into a issue searching the web doesn't seem to help me with. I imported a cylinder, 9mm wide, with a 6mm hole down the middle of it, that is 25mm tall. I have 20% infill and .2mm height. Randomly, on the last 3 layers, the whole top of the circle automatically gets filled in, not making it a hollow sphere, but a hollow sphere with a closed top. how do I fix this?

    Thanks so much!!!!

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