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  1. So the strangest thing happened. Friday I was working on trying a second manual leveling as I felt like this was my issue. After doing that I got an error message saying that the offset was an unreasonable amount. I noticed that the nozzles pushed down too far during the automatic leveling and could see them being pushed up into the enclosure. A bit frustrated I let it sit over the weekend and when I went back and correctly redid the manual level, the offset is perfect and my part came out to 20 mm on the dot. I'll be continuing some prints with it and if I run into the issue again I'll try out the method gr5 had mentioned. But for now it seems to be okay *fingers crossed*. Thanks everyone for all your help!
  2. It does show 100 layers in Cura. I'll give the Z-axis calibration a try from developer mode and report back with the results.
  3. In the menu, you can choose how often the active leveling occurs. It's recommended to leave it on Always/Every print. I don't have a printer in front of me right now but I believe this is how you choose the settings: System --> Maintenance --> Build Plate --> Leveling Frequency. I just gave that a try and it did help a bit, thanks! Now the model is only 0.2 mm short as opposed to the 0.3 mm before which is better, but I need to get it to be at least 0.1 mm or less.
  4. I know that it sometimes automatically does the auto leveling. Is there a way to turn it on or off all the time? I haven't noticed it do an active leveling procedure in a few prints now that you mention it.
  5. After doing more testing I eliminated the above idea. I even enlarged the model from 20 mm to 20.09 mm to see if it was cutting off the top layer with no luck. Still stuck at a height 0.3-0.4 mm short. I also tried printing just the bottom layer and got the proper first layer height of what I had set at 0.2 mm. The x and y axis are also still consistent at 0.3 mm too big. Finally I know I can modify this part to be 0.3 mm taller but this won't be the case with all the models I'll be printing. I'm just about out of ideas at this point and don't know what else could be the issue. If anyone else has any ideas at this point I'd be willing to give it a try!
  6. Thanks for the quick response! I know the model is flush at z=0. This did give me an idea on what my possible issue could be. I do have the initial layer height set at 0.27 mm as per the defaults. Maybe this is causing my issue where at 0.2 mm layer height I'll end up with one layer left at 0.13 mm so Cura then ignores that layer? I'll try setting the initial layer height down to 0.2 mm and see how it affects the dimensions.
  7. Hi I've been printing with the Ultimaker 3 for quite some time now and only recently been running into a few issues. Currently I'm trying to print a simple cylinder with 20 mm height and 20 mm diameter. Each print comes out to be around 0.3 mm short. I've already tried releveling the z-axis and checked the g-code for the final z height which comes up at 20.07. I am printing with Ultimaker brand ABS and am aware that ABS does shrink, however my x and y dimensions are both over the 20 mm mark by about 0.3 mm. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Nick
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