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  1. I have a simple feature request. Could we get a feature that lifts the print head 1mm or so, turns the fan on, and traces the perimeter of the print to cool it? I have been printing with PETG lately and it seems to cool slower than PLA/ABS so it would be nice to just run the parts fan over the print for a little longer without the nozzle touching. I suspect this would help with overhangs a bit too.
  2. Hi all, I was trying to print the Medieval Castle on thingiverse which is a large model. The maker was kinda enough to break the model into 15-20 smaller chunks but two of which are 10mm too long to fit on my printbed. Since there were so many chunks, I had to manually drag each one on to the plate and check it's dimensions in order to find the max scale factor. One trick I came up with is to make a fake printer with a 1x1x1 meter build area which lets me slice all the parts at once for a *rough* ball park estimation of how long it would take to print, the amount of material that would be used, and give me an idea of which component is the limiting factor in size. Would it be possible to build a plugin that allows the user to drop multiple components in, find the largest, scale it down to fit on the bed, then return that scale factor to be used with the other components so they too get scaled correctly? It could also return total print time and total material used.
  3. Yes, I agree, the theme with overlapping elements should not be placed into production software. If it were up to me, I would eliminate the "recommended/custom" part completely or convert "recommended" to a "frequently used" section. I would remove "check compatibility". Then I would create three side by side drop down boxes for: Printer - Profile - Material so there is no wasted space without making things too dense. If someone points me in the right direction in the cura source/tools needed, I would make the changes. I do modeling software and not GUI type software though so it will be a learning experience.
  4. THANK YOU^1000 I edited the "sidebar" region of theme.json (attached, just change the extension to .json or open in a text editor) and almost doubled the size AND inadvertently covered up that stupid "check compatibility" link that takes up a ton of precious screen real estate. Now I can actually use 3.2 if I can get it to stop changing my filament diameter to 2.85 theme.gcode
  5. Hi all, I use Cura 2.6.2 and just tried 3.2. I have a small 13" laptop which makes every square centimeter of area very valuable but I noticed Cura 3.2 has changed the Print Settings Recommended <-> Custom selector from a switch to a button then added a "check compatibility" link. These changes waste a lot of space to see my settings. Is it possible to write a plug in (or even compile from source!) that will undo these changes? Thanks!
  6. Hi all, I have Cura 2.6 installed on my macbook and trying to navigate with panning and rotating is infuriating since it does not seem to support gestures. I can use the arrow keys to rotate but it triggers a thumping alert sound to occur for each small rotation. It would be so much better if i could just manually configure the keys to zoom, pan, and rotate. Is there anyway to do this?
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