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  1. Hi there a new Cura user here, so I'm trying to print a flange with a hollow vertical cylinder modeled in Fusion360 with a thickness of 1.2mm as seen here: My issue is that despite a cylinder part thickness of exactly 3x line width (.4mm) I haven't been able to understand Cura's path choice and would love if someone could explain it. As can be seen in the screen caps below, if I choose a 0.4mm wall thickness and 100% fill, the inner and outer walls are circular, but about 20% of the circumference the infill is zigzaged. If I choose a double or triple line wall thickness (0.8 or 1.2mm) with 0% infill the middle path is short "dashes" and the print time is more than doubled (that's why started to look into this, namely the print was taking forever with the huge number of tiny movements). Can anyone explain why this is not being pathed as 3 concentric paths, and why there is a difference in the paths (and printing time) between a 3 line width wall thickness with 0% infill and 1 line thickness and 100% infill. thank you!
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