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  1. Compensate Wall overlap never did anything for me, it wouldn't allow me to add a negative value to extend the overlap. I use slic3r often now that I'm running a Prusa i3 MK2S, but like I said above, the smaller details like this print easier on the Maker Select using Cura's Optimize Wall Printing Order setting, this lets the printer concentrate on once section of the print at a time which I believe keeps the inner walls from shrinking while the print is working on other parts and before it travels back to extrude the outer walls. This, I think, was my problem. But I also kinda sorta ga
  2. It's been awhile since I used cura, upgraded to a prusa and have been using slic3r since so my recollection isn't perfect but here are two things that helped but did not completely rid me of the problem... 1. At first I had some success using what I think was called the inner wall offset setting and pushing the inner wall closer to the outer wall, or maybe it was outer wall offset pushing closer to the inner wall. I think I remember the problem with this is it changed the dimension of the hole, so it was likely the latter of the two. You can also play with the order in which it pri
  3. Firstly, I love Cura, been using it for a year, it keeps getting better and better! Thanks I've been going crazy over this issue for months now, I've posted asking for help on r/3dprinting and the wanhao duplicator i3 google group and nothing I've tried works, or at least what does work messes something else up. I've built some game hex pieces that have circular insets built around the perimeter to allow for tiny magnets. Every other detail of the print comes out great but these particular insets keep printing with this gap between the inner and outer walls. What baffles me is if I p
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