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  1. @Tinkergnome & Novastorm Thank you :-D I see, my NC-switch (that I already have) will do quite nicely. (since it will be triggered, when filament is present = open) You helped a lot, I'm going to try it out, as soon as I designed myself a mount for my bearing and switch. Greetings friedsemicon Danke ihr Beiden, sehe gerade, dass ihr auch aus Deutschland kommt ;-) Ihr habt mir echt geholfen Gruß friedsemicon
  2. Thank you for your reply, I've already seen the Topic on the Forum. The "Instructions" are not that detailed. They are using a sensor called "Tunnel", which does a little bit more than detect outage of Filament. It also detects filament movement, it's connected to J23, which consists of 3 Pins(PC7, +5V, GND). So can I even connect a mechanical switch without electronics? Do i need an NO-Switch instead of my NC? Do I need something fancy like a Drop-Down-Resistor(like this) Sadly, i still don't understand how to realise that function.
  3. Hi everyone, good evening I've been printing with my trusty UM2 for a while now, but there's something that i'm missing. A sensor that pauses my Print and lets me change the Filament, when it runs out. I want to use a mechanical NC-Endstop-Switch (normally closed) and later on, i might switch to an optical Sensor, depending on how well the mechanical one does. I don't want to use Octoprint(for now). And Tinkergnome seems to support it. See: ...community/17860-ultimaker2marlin-and-filament-runout-sensor Part of Pins.h in Tinkergnome 16.08.2: #ifndef FILAMENT_SENSOR_PIN#define FILAMENT_SENSOR_PIN -1 // PC7 = D30; PD7 = D38#endif Is there some guide on how to connect my switch to the UM2-Board and how to activate it in the Firmware? At the moment I'm still using the original UM2-Marlin. Thank you very much. Greetings friedsemicon
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