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  1. Thanks for your reply! This will be really helpful to me. So, to check that I've understood the basics: - Buy non-PVA filaments from faberdashery (I just checked it out and it looks perfect!) - Buy PVA support filament from Ultimaker themselves (or at least from a reseller) - Start small Also, which diameter filament do I need? Faberdashery offer 1.75mm or 3mm and the Ultimaker website says it needs 2.85mm :/
  2. Hi there, I've bought an Ultimaker 3 Extended and it's going to arrive soon. I was wondering how much filament I need to buy and what types I should look for. How much filament will I get through in a month, for example? It will be used maybe once or twice a week for an object about 20cm cubed. I will need to use a build material and a water soluble one together. Thanks for your help
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