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  1. This seems to be a bit like when you have a problem with your car and bring it to a garage. Once the mechanic is there the car works perfectly fine. I had made 6-7 attempts to print this with disastrous result. They were all binned, so to get a sample to take some photos from I tried printing again, and it came out fine! The only change I had made between the files was that I had added a 2 mm fillet to the top edge around the block. Hard to see how that could make any difference. Holes did come out better than expected. A 3 mm precision steel shaft has a pres
  2. Hi, I started by using Sketchup but quickly learned that it is not ideal for 3d prints. I have now spent some time learning the basics of Fusion360. It is very impressive, but I now ran into an unexpected problem. My idea was to print a gauge block that would allow me to check the precision of holes printed in various objects. I drew a block with one row of holes starting from 2.8 mm to 3.5 mm and one row going from 4.8 to 5.5 mm I attached a copy of the stl file. Nominal 3 & 5 mm holes are in the framed section. When printing this the quality
  3. Hi again, What software do you use to edit the .stl files?
  4. Hi, Thanks for the fix. It looks fine in the layer preview. I have not had time to print it yet, but it will probably be fine. I have just bought my first 3D printer and I had some previous experience with Google Sketchup, so that was natural for me to use. I am a retired aircraft engineer and do not want to go for any expensive software solution for this hobby, I just want to have some fun I will try the Solidinspector2 plugin and see what that does for me. Your reply was very informative and appreciated. Best regards.
  5. I have drawn a gear in Sketchup. See attached screendumps 1 & 2. There is a hole for a shaft through the gear. I have also attched the .stl file exported from Sketchup with the help of a plugin. My problem is that when i try to print this the shaft hole will not start from the bottom but only goes from the top of the gear to the top of the boss. Any and all suggestions to solve this would be much appreciated. The rest of the gear prints beutifully on my Creality CR10. Regards Gear.stl
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