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  1. Yes, when i bought the printer a year or two ago I bought a few spools of the same fillament. Thats all I've ever used.
  2. Where would I find vase mode? Here are my printer settings. I'm not sure what filament I'm using, I got it a while ago, but I haven't had any issues in the past with it. Also i am using an anet a8.
  3. I designed this in openscad, and transfered it to cura. I've done this with several other other designs and never had a problem. It should be smooth not have this weird spiral pattern on it. I don't know what's happening.
  4. Sadly i only have access to the one computer. I have an Anet a8 but it's solely a computer side issue. I don't even have the printer connected. Cura 14.07 used to work for me. I've tried from 14.01-15.04.6
  5. So i haven't used my printer in several months. I recently saw some stuff i wanted to print so I downloaded them then tried to open cura. It gave me an error that Pythonw.exe has stopped working. I tried restarting my computer which did nothing. So i uninstalled and installed multiple versions of cura hoping one of them would work. Well i had no luck so i started looking for other programs to replace it and I tried Slic3r, craftware, and matter control. All of which wouldn't even launch and just gave me an error --------- Not working. So i decided to see if the program i use to design worked which is Openscad and it gives me the error Openscad.exe has stopped working. After this I thought to update my drivers, but it changed nothing. So none of the programs work and i don't know whats wrong. That i know of nothing has changed on my computer since last i printed.
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