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  1. Hi I'm new to this too but this is how I managed to get it running. I installed Python 3.6.4 then I downloaded the time-lapse project files then opened a Terminal session on my iMac. Once the window opens, change to your downloads folder using cd Downloads then to the folder the zip file extracts to, um3timelapse-master using cd um3timelapse-master. You are now in the folder you need to work in.If you forget the name, just type ls as a terminal command to list the files in that folder From here, you can run the python scripts directly but you MUST remember that OS-X comes with Python 2.7 and if you just try and run it in this, it won't work. You have to clearly define you want to use python 3.6 in your commands, thus: To install the requests module, type python3.6 -m pip install requests You then type python3.6 um3api.py and allow that to run Next, type python3.6 timelapse.py 20 sample.mp4 In the above example, is the IP address of your UM3 Printer. 20 is the delay between images in seconds then 'sample.mp4' is the name of the file saved when the print is finished The program will wait for your UM3 to start printing then you will see it writing the capture number in the terminal window. I did find though that it kept losing contact with the printer but this is probably the way I'm connecting over a busy network. Hope this helps. Please let me know
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