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  1. I am Running Cura 3.6 appimage on Linux Mint 18.3 (Ubuntu Xenial) I just learned about support blockers and Per Model settings. Woohoo! That lasted for about a minute. Although, looking at the layers it seemed to work just fine. I thought I would walk you through how I finally had to do it. The GUI wasn't any help at all. Here is what happened: Added Support blocks where I wanted them. Good so far. Then I tried to do the per model settings on one of those blocks. And that's where the GUI wierdness came in. 1. select block. 2. click per model settings 3. select modify settings for overlap with other models 4. select modify and settings window comes up, and select infill density 5. value box appears, and I can't click in the change box. No way. Period. 5.1 (Then I close the main select settings window) and the value box is still up, and NOW I can change the value 5.2 I change it from the normal value to 100, and hit the enter key. I don't really know if it is changed or not. So I hit the escape key. 6. Then I do a prepare and show layers and indeed it is different. So it all appears to work, but what wierdness in the GUI. I was able to repeat it for all the support blocks. So it all works, just not cleanly, IMHO. Jerry
  2. ok. too much to ask. as a retired programmer of more than 35 years, I know that if that per model option existed and it was non-null for ANY particular model, then I would set a flag to over-ride the print all at once option (no matter what it said), and put a pop up message to that effect, to "print one at a time". but I only prepared one at a time, and changed the gcode to the temp that I wanted. It will work. But it would have been slicker to print all of them "one at a time" at different temperatures. Thinking about it, maybe I should change the gcode to NOT cool down in between, so I can print them faster.
  3. Hmm. Maybe I didn't make myself too clear. Let me try again. This is PER MODEL SETTINGS. I have 3 cubes. I want to print the 1st one at Temperature 195, the 2nd at 200, and the 3rd at 205. If I select any model and try to set the Temperature, it is NOT one of the options.
  4. I can't find nozzle temperature in the per model settings. I wanted to print out some 20mm cubes, each one at a different Temperature, to see which temperature was best. Even when I checked ALL I didn't find Temperature anywhere. The only way I can do it now, is to do a print each separately and go in and manually edit the file, modifying the Temperature for each cube, in the Gcode. I can do that, but it would be nicer to be able to do it in Cura.
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