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  1. I am Running Cura 3.6 appimage on Linux Mint 18.3 (Ubuntu Xenial) I just learned about support blockers and Per Model settings. Woohoo! That lasted for about a minute. Although, looking at the layers it seemed to work just fine. I thought I would walk you through how I finally had to do it. The GUI wasn't any help at all. Here is what happened: Added Support blocks where I wanted them. Good so far. Then I tried to do the per model settings on one of those blocks. And that's where the GUI wierdness came in. 1. select blo
  2. ok. too much to ask. as a retired programmer of more than 35 years, I know that if that per model option existed and it was non-null for ANY particular model, then I would set a flag to over-ride the print all at once option (no matter what it said), and put a pop up message to that effect, to "print one at a time". but I only prepared one at a time, and changed the gcode to the temp that I wanted. It will work. But it would have been slicker to print all of them "one at a time" at different temperatures. Thinking about it, maybe I should change the gcode to NOT cool do
  3. Hmm. Maybe I didn't make myself too clear. Let me try again. This is PER MODEL SETTINGS. I have 3 cubes. I want to print the 1st one at Temperature 195, the 2nd at 200, and the 3rd at 205. If I select any model and try to set the Temperature, it is NOT one of the options.
  4. I can't find nozzle temperature in the per model settings. I wanted to print out some 20mm cubes, each one at a different Temperature, to see which temperature was best. Even when I checked ALL I didn't find Temperature anywhere. The only way I can do it now, is to do a print each separately and go in and manually edit the file, modifying the Temperature for each cube, in the Gcode. I can do that, but it would be nicer to be able to do it in Cura.
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