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  1. Found it, thanks for the link. It says- DEBUG - [MainThread] UM.View.GL.OpenGL.__init__ [99]: Initialized OpenGL subsystems. 2018-11-21 14:20:23,554 - DEBUG - [MainThread] UM.View.GL.OpenGL.__init__ [100]: OpenGL Version: 4.0.0 - Build 2018-11-21 14:20:23,556 - DEBUG - [MainThread] UM.View.GL.OpenGL.__init__ [101]: OpenGL Vendor: Intel 2018-11-21 14:20:23,558 - DEBUG - [MainThread] UM.View.GL.OpenGL.__init__ [102]: OpenGL Renderer: Intel(R) HD Graphics 2500 Cura notes say (sadly) Better layout for 3D layer view options. We’ve incorporated an improved layer view for computers that support OpenGL 4.1. For OpenGL 2.0 to 4.0, Cura will automatically switch to the old layer view. My computer may be able to install openGL 4.1 I have no idea. Problem with all the latest everything is that everything not the latest stops working. So to get this feature I just need a new PC, so I will just have to live without it as not really that cost effective. I like cura but will try slic3r and see if that does it, cant find the words they use for the feature, if any. - Edited to say just tried Slic3r and, yuk. It may work but just hangs and says not responding so not wasting any more time on it. Back to Cura. Someting for developers to bear in mind is to avoid latset versions of stuff if not needed (maybe opengl4.1 is) as it causes compatibility problems like this. A lot of people will be like me, and most laptop owners, where the video card is in the chip so not modifiable, also Intel are a bit popular so found all over. Basically if it can be made to run on Intel internal chip video that is the way to go. Probably locked out all people with 2+yr old PCs and laptop users, like me. Oh well, it was just a nice to have, maybe in 5 or 6 yrs when I upgrade mey PC, maybe....
  2. Where are the logs ? I found a post with this - I know of the Cura log in /Users//Library/Application Support Problem is there are lots of Users type files so this is a bit like saying, there is a noise from my engine, are the shell bearings ok, what are shell bearings ? A common computer problem, microsoft are the worst, to say look at X assuming people have a good system understanding. I do love some solutions, I looked up how to find if open GL is installed, answer, install open gl viewer... ?? Often the solution, download some one time only software, edit the registry etc. No chance as just asking for trouble. Hopefully finding if this is installed can be done by cura.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, gyroind turned up and looks neat. Just about to print a small part that failed which this may help. Still no simulation view, tried the option here but still doesen't show. Nice feature to see the movement. I have had problems before where travel caused bad layers so to see how the layers go down would be really useful. I have a current version of win10 so should support Open GL ? I may try reinstall to see if it iwas one of the options I rejected. Seems it may be compatibility mode but where is it ? Still searching but can't see it in any settings or options.
  4. Hi, just installed 3.6 and as it was installing it kept asking did I trust and want to install loads of stuff mentioning ports and usb. As a rule I say no as no idea what it is. Having said no a lot of the newer features that look good don't appear, do I need these, if so I will reinstall. I liked the second layer view option that shows head travel on each layer, selected the option but not appearing. Also the new infill is not appearing, just the usual ones. What do I need to do to fix this ? I am sure if you offer to install all the other stuff it must be ok, just that I have always just installed what is needed on my pc. Running Win10. Thanks for any info, John
  5. No problem. I think it is just a case of trying different stuff. Just to add to the confusion I think filament make / age is also a factor. A lis of things to play around with would be nice, in the meantime I will play with retraction settings, my best bet I think.
  6. Thanks for the idea, I tried it but still the same. Thought Z seam would start at different points and so also randomise travel points. Seems it does not . I tried moving the part on the print bed, instead of left to right I put it at 30 deg and seems better. Problem then is the grid infill is not lined up right. Seems each layer does the following, put down an outer layer ending top right corner. Then travel to the bottom left corner (quite a distance) and then start again. It is this travel that is the problem as in lower layers especially it misses bits of the layer and is weak, rest is fine. This happened randomly on 3dlab, and other, wing prints and could always be traced to a point in the print where the travel ended up in the same place travelling a distance to do so. I believe this is the problem but can't think how to make it stop this. I think if it did a layer and started again at the same point that would be ok, just that sometimes it travels from far away to start a layer causing loss of filament at the nozzle. Probably prime speed and amounts, currently 40mm/s and 0.6mm2. The wonders of 3d printing is that problems are a moving target, change one thing and two others change as well ? For example, if I set the prime amount to 3mm2 (to be silly) it may fix this but I guess I would get blobbing all over at points that were ok before. All just getting a balance.
  7. Had this before and thought it had gone, may have cured it but still printing. Basically a model (usually the same type long thin bar shape) has bad layers at one corner, when I look at the travels in Cura they always end up there on every layer. This and retraction are the cause I think. I can attach a photo but really it is just every other layer is missing in one corner, once the nozzle has gone a cm or so all is well. So - is there a way to randomise where the travels end up. A bit like Z seam to say travel path = random. This sometimes goes away if I don't use retraction (not a problem in this case) as I think what happens is the filament does not extrude fast enough. I can see a long corner to corner travel then should extrude and continue. Shorter travels seem ok. What settings should I use to fix this, perhaps priming but then it doesen't need to prime for shorter runs ? I am always confused by minimum retraction distance, my part is 160mm long and 16mm wide and travel is corner to corner so if I say minimum 50mm would that help, if I say minimum 120mm a bit like no retraction at all in this case. I had this doing 3dlab thin wall wing sections ages ago and never really resolved it. Any help appreciated.
  8. Getting better with Rcgroups help, still not right though. Anybody have a proper set of parameters for a CR-10 for the 3dlab planes ?
  9. Thanks Drayson, don't waste too much time or plastic on it though I think you are right on the layer height, I know it takes longer but that is what the pub and a good night's sleep is for. At 0.15 in Cura it says 6 hrs which would be about 7ish then, but at least it would work ok ? I tried the gcode files supplied but very stringy and some errors, expected as for a direct drive print head and mine is bowden so retract will be off. Also no support in one section of wing (designed like that), may be worse because it didn't print the horizontal section. Some exterior blobbing that scrapes off, some edges (aileron recesses) very weak. Well i had to try, 10hr print still running when I got up this morning, won't be doing that again. Someone suggested simplify3d may give more control, to make this work I think the internal supports need to bond properly, their gcode ones do, and no idea how to do it. I get weak under leading edge and the 45degree sloping internal supports are just strings, my main setttings are layer 0.2 initial 0.3 wall 0.6 print thin walls, fill gaps between walls everywhere, temp 215 bed 60 flow 110 retraction on 4.5mm speed wall 25 inner wall50 travel 120 union overlapping off merged meshes 0 (if last two not sone no supports appear). This says it will take 8hrs, so about 9. A way to make the first part 0.15 and the rest 0.2 would help ? I know it can be done as seen it on youtube but they don't explain much, just took a while and got this result, but how ?
  10. Very close now, all excellent apart from the angled interior supports (perforated curved bits) which are fine for near vertical but some start at about 45 degrees and print as a series of unconnected strings. The corner with the half cone as it's stat point (see photos above) will never be right I think, some adhesion but weak. The normal outer walls are just about perfect. Set at 0.2mm layer height and print temp 215 bed 60. Tried the 2.5mm recommended and the curves and slopes are worse, as expected. Question is is there a setting to fix the stringy slopes ? I am sure I can just reduce layers to 0.15 or 0.1 but should be ok at 0.2 really. Part of the problem is the whole thing is considered one piece, so no infill as such to mess with. Could do with a do sloping bits twice command or is there a way to print the first 0.5-1cm at a different layer height ?
  11. I am sure you are right, currently reimported their 'starter' settings and will play with temperatures. I can see loads of people on youtube who have printed these perfectly, and I would like to be one of them I will try a few more variations, at least the merged meshes overlap to 0 worked. I will try my amended print later, I have now figured out how to save my settings so have tidied up the dozen or so failed profiles, progress at last. Thanks for all the help so fa, hopefully won't need much more.
  12. Drayson said he would look at it and let me know any results. I looked at the other thread and saw the settings mentioned. I have just realised that if a setting is not displayed on the right it is not just not being used but is set to some default or other. As you can see I am that new to this, not so mych a learning curve as vertical takeoff I located the Merged meshes overlap and set it to 0 and the supports appeared so thanks that worked. One thing I can't seem to do is make it print like the 3dlab one does, you can see it printing the above formats here, it prints the boxes then goes over them, so prints the boxes then the outer shell is printed on top of them, then it does them again. A bit like two prints in one, does one layer boxes and one layer shell then repeats. No idea what this is or how to do it. I have tried 0.4mm shell and wall count of two, just does and inner and outer and massively heavy. Could be they have not given enough info in the.stl to do this. I am just trying to do a clean(ish) print. Now I can see all walls again I will retry but have a feeling that the internal supports will noot print properly but I can play with high temps for that ? 3dlab temps are massive 230c and 60c for the bed, hence in the photos very liquid, I was trying to avoid that as seems a bit high.
  13. No reply from 3dlab, as usual so here is the problem .stl good luck as I think you'll need it. I have posted a request on the 3dlab forum to ask for settings as the ones they provided just don't work. wing_L1.STL
  14. Just watched the 3dlab direct gcode print working and I think that would be ok. I may try it fully, unfortunately it is printing to the far left of my print bed and I hadn't put tape on that. What is interesting is their codes, looking at the photo with the various sections, it prints the interior bits first, so all the little boxes in the first layer are printed with a gap between them. Then it goes all around the outside making the wing shape. So is it possible to make cura produce this ? Is this sort of 'inner walls first' then outer walls. The .stl file sees internal and external walls as the same, internal are not fillers but part of the main structure. Added photos to show structure, internal 'boxes' are very thick, way over what I had. So prints, skirt, boxes, outline, fills in box joins (as in P47 gcode06)
  15. I read where somebody said 3d printing is a hobby within a hobby, good observation. I will be a while between relies as (as we all know) prints can take a while. I have a large pile of 1cm high sections in various states. I am trying various bits and changes, one problem I have with cura is saving a profile so end up writing them down. I know quitting seems to save it but when I say keep changes I keep getting it wrong, so I have one nearly working then have to start again. A save profile would be easier to understand ? Single wall printing is tricky, 3dlab said so but no real solutions from them for other printers. I am having adhesion problems, some lines are just falling apart despite being 0.2mm so I may have to up the temp I think. The wing part I am printing has a 'cone' protrusion on it, as in photos, and no way will it print without laminating, I may just give up and reinforce it. The 3dlab interior supports are just a set of cobwebs. To fix it I think I need to really up the temp and set layers to 0.15 or less. I will try their Prusa gcode now and use Tune to dial back the temp from 230c but leave the rest, wish me luck. I will e-mail them and ask if ok to put the wing.stl file here, can't see why not as it is just part of the plane. Be interesting to see if anyone can find a good profile.
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