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  1. Hey, i have been tweaking a lot, and finally found a solution that solved my problem. I changed the line width from 0.35 to 0.3 and now I don't have these problems anymore. The print looks really fine. What also helped was the change of "z-hop when retracted" from 2 mm to 4 mm. These travel moves, which caused the entire problem, do not occure anymore. I guess the whole problem was, that my 1 mm diagonal lines did not allow 3 full 0.35 mm walls to be printed. So the printer tried to fill space, where walls do not fit. I solved it only by passing by this problem with printing thinner lines. What happily works. Its more or less a work around, i think. I have saved my printing profile now for that this does not happen anymore in the future. The whole thing helped a lot to get more into 3dprinting. Now i only have some PVA doesnt always perfectly stick in the first layer problem, so that the rest of the print would be ruined and i have to watch in the beginning. I sometimes catch and hold back the big pva blob before its moved around by sticking with the printing core and from time to time i get the message, that print cores do exceed realistic values. After some leveling it worked, and i am ok with the results, not knowing where i could improve much more right now. Thank you gr5, for your help.
  2. I just noticed something else. The diagonal rectangles have a width of 1 mm. The printed printed them with 0,35 mm of line width which results in 2 lines and infill mess. Now I played around with the line width in Cura and set it to 0.33 mm which fits 3 times into 1 mm and a bit of space. Which seems okay. I will test print it on monday. I have a 0.4 AA printcore of PLA and 0.4 BB printcore for PVA. Maybe it works!?
  3. Dear gr5, thank you a lot for your fast reply. Following your ideas I have tried to fix my issue with the help of your tips. The use of always-retraction ended up in a mess and the print looked that ugly during the print process, that i aborted it. z-Hoping was always activated during my prints. These blobs of PLA appear to happen at the position where the print head moves, the travelling paths. The diagonal lines in the objects are 1 mm thick. My latest idea was to change the size of width of the lines from 0,35 mm to 0,37 mm, as that resulted in less blue travelling lines in the slider view. I can post my result on monday. Would it help if i uploaded the .stl file, or the cura file? Thank you for your help, its really appreciated.
  4. Hi, I'm new to 3D printing. I use a ultimaker 3 extended, with PLA and PVA in combination. After printing i noticed there are small bubbles / lines at the positions / lines where the print head of PLA is moving. What is my problem with this print and how can I solve it? Thank you in advance.
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