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  1. Yes... I think the same as I can see the results even trying a lot of configs trying to avoid that problem. Using single color this issue is a little bit ugly in result but is not expressive like using dual or multi colors does (my picture show how this situation can be expressive to a bad result at all, using dual colors) Tks to add you reply in this topic.
  2. Hi, Yes, that was my first config. with no result at all. Tks
  3. OMG... I still suffering with this kind of issue. Z hop help me a little bit but it is not a valid workaround. Any help please?
  4. Hello, As can see in the picture, using dual color, if the noozle do not avoiding printed parts, colors unwanted mix in nozzle ooze getting a bad result, What can I do to solve this problem using cura 3.3.1? I already tryed combing no skin without success. Tks
  5. Hello, My question is about the impossibility to use 3D resources from Cura, like gcode simulation for example. My windows 10 with intel video card (WDDM 1.1) always get "compatibily mode" in cura software but Cura really need better requirements of video card to allow user to use this feature??? In my same computer, I can do the same (simulate gcode) using Slic3r, even with not best performance but It is up only to me! My opinion is about Cura to reduce the requirement to open features like that and let users to use it or not, if the computer pe
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