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  1. I may have stumbled upon the answer under manage printers setting. in the end g-code it is telling the printer to move to y 127 which is farther than my bed reaches. can I just edit the gcode under this tab?
  2. recently downloaded cura 3.2.1 and so far have very much liked it. the only problem is that when configuring it for my monoprice mini select I have noticed something that it was not doing before. when a print is finished it pushes the bed (y axis) all the way forward to display the print, or allow me easy access to remove it. When it does this it is over traveling and causing the belt to slip, jump. how do I make this stop or program it to not travel so far? I do not see any issues with print centering. and everything else seems to be running well. I tried decreasing the y axis bed size in se
  3. I'm not sure if this would affect what I saw but the rods that the bed y axis ride on were not square to the frame. About a 16th out. I squared the bed to the frame but have not yet verified. I also thought maybe I had gotten the scaling wrong but had run the print again after double checking with the same results. The objects were placed parallel to the x axis gantry so I'm wondering if the bed not moving in a true line would cause this.
  4. so I tried to print to identical pieces at once last night, using wood pla, and when I got done the parts are about 2mm difference in length. one was positioned towards the front of the bed the other towards the rear.. the parts are actually mirro image of one another. both pulled from thingiverse and scaled to 63.2% to fit my needs. any ideas or tests I could do to correct this? thanks.
  5. quick question, sorta. I converted my tronxy over to an e3d v6 clone extruder. I had to make a new x axis limit switch holder to accommodate the brackets and extruder. when testing it out I found that the prints are ok in y axis but off in the x axis by the amount I had to move the limit switch. I use repetier host/server to make firmware changes and cura for my slicer. would someone care to walk me through what values to change in the eeprom to correct this? it is printing to the right of center on my bed. nothing else program wise was changed. just the limit switch location.
  6. that seems to be the ticket, I completely overlooked the retraction distance. it was set at 6.5mm retraction at a speed of 45
  7. Sorry. Should have been more specific. The x y axis pauses for a split second while the retraction takes place then continues like normal.
  8. Hello all. new to the 3d printing world for the most part so excuse me if I sound like a complete noob. The question I have is about pausing while retracting. I downloaded the newest version of cura last night and ran a simple print to dial in a new printer. What I am seeing is that the hot end stops during retractions, it did not do this before I started using the newer version. what setting am I missing?? any help would be great. Thanks
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