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  1. Am I correct in thinking this is a bug ? doesn't seem like expected behavior and I thought previous releases had maintained original object orientation after resetting all model transforms and orientations ? I've disabled auto drop to plate and keep models apart in preferences, but both still appear to be active.
  2. If I've imported 2 objects - one an outer shell mesh and the second a custom infill mesh - is there a way to - 1) Prevent any auto positioning of either mesh - they need to maintain the original position as modeled. In this case, the infill mesh is centered in the outer shell mesh. I need to be able to group them and position both on the print bed together. 2) easily select one or the other ? With the infill mesh completely embedded inside the outer shell mesh, I can't seem to select it. adding an image for clarity. The inside part should be f
  3. Thanks gr5 ! Windows 2010 . I resolved it by uninstalling both versions, and manually deleting all the cura pref files from my user directories. Reinstalled 3.3. and was able to connect. Just out of curiosity, I then reinstalled 3.2.1 and that wouldn't connect at all. Seems like once the printer is added to 3.3 it won't allow a connection to 3.2.1 ? Will definitely check out pronterface ! Thanks for the tip. I've been wanting to find a good controller that updates in real time. S3D's control panel is great - it's slice preview updates with the print layer by layer, displays the G
  4. I've had an ongoing issue that's prevented me from using Cura at all since installing 3.3 with my CR10S5. I'd been running 3.2.1 just fine and printing via USB. After installing 3.3 the print from usb option would not display, and the monitor showed no connection. Tried using 3.2.1 again and the same result - can't connect to the printer at all now with either 3.2.1 or 3.3 . Tried deleting the machine profiles, and re-adding them again with no luck. Any suggestions ? Would I need to completely un-install both versions and re-install 3.3 - and are there user preference files that I would need t
  5. Bump - I'm having more issues. Now I can't get 3.2.1 to connect to the printer either. I just upgraded the CR10 S5 motherboard, and cura won't connect at all. I've tried deleting the previous printers in the manage printers menu, re- adding the Creality CR10 S5 from the list and it makes no difference. No send to printer via usb option and when I switch to the monitor it's shown as not connected. I uninstalled the beta and installed the formal 3.3 release with no luck either. Simplify 3D connects with no problem. Any help would be appreciated ! Hate to abandon the Cur
  6. I'm trying to dial in support settings in Cura and wanted to ask if either of these features exists ? In S3D I'm able to determine multiple custom support infill angles, which are then printed in sequential layers. Results in a more customize able support pattern and supports that are much easier to remove. Is it possible to do the same thing in Cura ? Can't seem to find settings under the advanced support menu that would ? Attached screenshot shows the settings in question and preview result in S3D. Thanks !
  7. Thanks ahoeben - OS is windows 10. I don't think 3.2.1 was running at the time - I will double check. No other apps. I also seem to recall first installing 3.3.0 on the laptop connected to the printer and not seeing any CR10 profiles listed at all ? If I remember correctly, I then installed 3.2.1 , and added the cr10 profile in 3.2.1 . The next time I tried 3.3.0 the CR10s were listed - is it possible that 3.3.0 was accessing the 3.2.1 printer profiles and that may have caused the issue ?
  8. Might be doing something wrong, but when trying to use the 3.3.0 beta version monitor with a usb connected Creality CR10 S5 - or print via usb - the printer is not showing as connected ? I don't have any issues when using 3.2.1 . I was hoping to try the new Gcode command monitor feature that I saw mentioned on another thread. Thanks in advance !
  9. Deleted - question was answered in above post.
  10. Thanks Kman - that was the missing piece ! I didn't realize I needed to merge after opening to get the correct orientation. So the correct approach would be - 1. Open models - they will be positioned apart from one another. 2. Select models and merge - models then snap into correct orientation. 3. Position if necessary on build plate as a group. 4. Ungroup models to apply Per Model Settings if necessary. In this case it is as one of the models needs to have a mesh type> Modify settings for overlap with other models>Generate Support applied. It's a little
  11. Thanks - I found the grouping / merging models function - works great. Problem isn't with manipulating models once imported as a single group, the problem is when I open/ import the models to begin with. They import into Cura in an arbitrary position - even when "ensure models are kept apart" and "automatically drop models" have been disabled in preferences ? In the attached image, the left shows the correct part orien tation/ position when imported into another 3D app - the right image is the result when importing into Cura. The blue support part has lost it's correct orientation to the main
  12. Is there a way to set Cura so that when objects are opened their relative position is maintained ? If I design a part with it's own custom support part in the correct orientation, when opening in Cura even with the drop part to plate option disabled the imported parts don't stay aligned. I end up having to manually re position everything once imported. It seems like the automatically drop models to build plate option is always on even when disabled in preferences. Same with ensure models are kept apart ? Running V3.2.1
  13. I saw this was discussed in a previous post, but wanted to throw it out there again. It would be really helpful to have the option to create more than two base layers for rafts. S3D has this option and even though it may not be an "ideal" approach for printing in general, it can really help in certain situations.
  14. Perfect - thanks ! Should have been able to figure that one out on my own. Duh. Ideally, would be nice to be able to create custom themes if that's feasible ? Not critical, just would be a nice option.
  15. Apologies if this is ridiculously simple, but I've seen screenshots with different backdrop and interface colors. Is there a preference setting to change the look ? The white on white kills my eyes. Thanks !
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