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  1. Here it is done with the first 2mm base and working on the walls of the piece.
  2. On the third layer now and you can see that the infill is still seperating from the walls and the walls are printing to thin...?
  3. Thanks for the part reference, will keep that in mind if needed. :-) Ok, I did find that the rear right Y motor short belt was loose. Was able to unscrew 3 screws, move it down till tight then rescrew. Which has seem to help alot. I don't know if it came from the factory that way from shipping, or if it was me. When I first put on the glass bed (which is AWESOME for part removal buy the way), I was clamping it down with some larger clamps and the third print I did the head ran into the clamps and caused the head to jitter alot, dddddddd. Every since then I've been struggling to get
  4. Thanks for the quick response and suggestions! I've tried leveling quiet a few times, but will try harder I guess. :-) Will look into the belt tightening. I have a Monoprice Maker Ultimate. So will have to try and figure out how to tighten the belts somehow. Also have installed a piece of glass onto the bed. No other modifications so far. Thanks alot for your help. Will see what I can do. Just wanted another opinion before I go crazy. LOL
  5. Hi, I'm having an issue with the Infill not completely touching the walls of an interior item. The Infill is extending into the outer most walls of the object, but not the interior items. Was wondering if there is a setting I can change to get the Infill to extend into the walls on interior items, not just the exterior walls? Thanks, Robert
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