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  1. Yup! That's it! Messed with the coordinates a couple times, and that's where the random travels go. However, like you said, this happens even when the prime tower is off. Anyone know how to turn it all the way off?
  2. Hello! I'm about two months in to 3d printing, and recently made the switch from Ideamaker to Cura. I printed a part this morning, and noticed lots of layer shift, at various levels of the print. Not sure why. Usually (from what I've been told) this means my nozzle is too close to the print. But, I do not believe that is the case, otherwise there would have been other issues. Upon inspection of the Cura settings, I noticed something interesting. For whatever reason, Cura has decided to send the extruder over to the exact opposite side of the bed from the origin. Anyone know why? Even if this isn't the reason why there's a layer shift, I'd still like to know what's happening.
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