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  1. So I seem to be having issues with some files that Im trying to print. I have gone into the custom menu for Ultimaker Cura and added a Brim option to the 'Build Pate Adhesion type' however when ever I start to print it just starts to do the outline of the file and never builds that brim. Any ideas on how to correct this. This issue happens with multiple files that I have found and it happens if I use a Mac to prepare the file to an SD card or a Windows machine.
  2. Hello, I have recently purchased a Maker Select 3D Printer v2. I have followed all the instructions and have bene able to do a test print with the files they gave me with no problem. I have started getting files to use and have a few questions. First off I am using a Mac and running Ultimaker Cura version 3.3.1, I guess my first question is how do I set up the software to make sure the print area of the bed is right? second I noticed there an option to monitor the printer as it prints. However the software does not detect my printer when connected with the USB cable. Any suggestions on how to configure that? Lastly, and please bear with me, I've noticed on the prints that are successful there is like a bed on bottom layer of material on it then the print on top of it. What is that layer called? Also if a file doesn't have that how would one use Cura to add that? I know its a lot of questions that are probably really easy but I have not been able to find answers. Thank you.
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