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  1. Sure, Cura already has to deal with this to some extent and warns on settings that are "Normally calculated ... with an absolute set", the warning serves as a way to recalculate. Without trying to think through every scenario, the two that come to mind are: 1) User loads another profile that also contains A and B values -> Notify user that linked settings will be recalculated or offer to keep the setting. 2) A profile for some reason has a linked setting C that has an absolute value set (even though it doesn't have A and B values saved. -> Notify user that C will
  2. It sounds like there may be a Materials profile concept that I'm not using? That would get me closer to what I'm looking for; I'll look when I get home. I still think it would be extremely useful to be able to save groups of related settings into their own profile, select zero to many profiles (I suppose these would be at the "user" level of the stack), and then reconcile conflicts then and there on the right side of the screen. I'm fairly certain the current "stack" implementation would not need many changes beyond making the top level user layer a collection, and extending the "s
  3. I had an example that spoke to this: ...and then of course if neither was exactly what you wanted, you've still got the option to enter a third number. This might be somewhere in between the two saved settings and that's really useful because you can actually see what other profiles have saved (not just the currently loaded profile has) to base your new value on. The real trick to making this approach fantastic would be a UI to choose which profile new values should be saved into - preferably right there in the list of settings, not in another dialogue that pops up.
  4. I've been using Cura for a few months now and as I started printing various parts with different materials and requirements, my profiles got progressively more complicated, and it was easy to accidentally save part-specific settings into more general profiles, or leave some tweaks in a more part-specific profile that I would have liked to take back to a more general one. I've also been a software developer for more than a decade and I have what I expect is a relatively easily implemented suggestion: Additive profiles that allowed the easy reuse of groups of settings: Al
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