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  1. Now up on the big bad auction site (auction # 274075286856), with a shipping calculator.
  2. As requested here are some images of the S5, extra print heads and the filament. It was bought on 7/20/18 so the one year warranty has expired. If shipped it will have to be two parcels; one for the printer, and one for the box of filament. This is the sixth 3D printer that I have bought and by far the easiest one to use and with excellently predictable result. It is also very quiet compared to many other printers, which is a good thing if you are using it at home. It is so dependable that I have let it print overnight without having a worry, something that I haven’t done with any other printer. I started dabbling with 3D printing some eight years ago, mostly to expose my children to the technology, but also because the fun of it. As we have bought better and larger machines we have donated the old ones to local schools and have been part of starting up a 3D printing curriculum within their art and technology classes at two schools. And the reason for selling it…, well, my son has now gotten his drivers license, so his focus has shifted to cars (and girls :-D) so the printer has been idle for most of this year. I also have one other printer left, a Type A Machines Series 1, if I need to print anything for around the house, albeit it being a single head machine.
  3. Or to clarify, regional sale preferred. I wouldn't mind meeting up in CT or MA to finalize a sale. Also, have been a longstanding user on Ebay (user name: humla) If that mode of transaction would suit you better then I can list it there. The price may have to be adjusted to compensate for the fees however.
  4. Any reasonable offers welcome. Pick up in Providence RI (or meet up within 50 miles) preferable, but I can also ship in original boxing if needed.
  5. Please see the ad of an S5 for sale that I just posted... 🙂
  6. For sale is our very lightly (non-pro) used Ultimaker S5, a total of approximately 1.5 kg filament run through it. Too much else going on at the moment to properly appreciate it, hence the sale. Comes with original packaging and plenty of UM tough PLA . Best offer. Located in Providence, Rhode Island, but also able to ship since original shipping packaging is intact. Thank you, Jorgen. ***Addendum*** I did a quick inventory of the PLA and printheads that will accompany the sale: 1: AA 0.25 1:BB 0.4 1: AA 0.8 2: AA 0.4 Unopened 750 g. UM Tough PLA: 8 rolls (1, green, 2 red, 2 white, 3 black). One unopened 350 g. UM PLA natural. About half a dozen various rolls of UM PLA in sealed plastic bags with desiccants.
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