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  1. Seems like your first layer is either severely underextruding or your bed was not leveled properly. with the Alta you can only level the bed with the Silhouette3D software. Does the machine print normally from that software?
  2. Hi Jenny, thanks for pointing that out. I have updated the G-Code post I made at the beginning of the thread to prevent others copy/pasting to run into this problem.
  3. For anyone interested; the gcode for the prime blob procedure that the Alta does at the beginning of the print with the silhouette software is: G28 ; home all axes G90 G1 Z5 F1200 G1 X0.000 Y-70.00 F2000.000 G1 Z0.000 F2000.000 G92 E0 G1 E50.00000 F100; G92 E0 G1 Z0.400 F6000.000 G1 X-37.984 Y-51.711 F6000.000 G1 E5.99500 F4800.00000 G1 X-36.594 Y-52.712 E6.79005 F540.000 G1 X-33.376 Y-54.825 E7.18850 G1 X-31.774 Y-55.781 E7.22241 G1 X-28.512 Y-57.540 E7.58616 G1 X-26.697 Y-58.422 E7.98434 G1 X-23.446 Y-59.829 E8.04019 G1 X-21.413 Y-60.609 E8.78005 G1 X-18.195 Y-61.684 E8.85674 G1 X-15.980
  4. No worries, to fix the priming issue of the printhead I just upped the skirt line count to 5 with a minimum skirt length of 10cm. So now the printhead starts printing somewhere in the skirt instead of missing a part of the base. This is not what I ultimately want, but it seems to work for now. I wouldn't have found those settings without your suggestion, so thanks anyway ?
  5. Thanks for your prompt reply. This option is not visible in my settings. When I go to settings visibility I get the following pop-up: I think this is because I use the 'Custom FDM printer' printer type. (this is not something i can choose, but cura autodetected this machine.
  6. Hi all, I want to use Cura with the Silhouette Alta 3D printer (https://www.silhouetteamerica.com/shop/machines/alta). Silhouette is already a major player in the small low cost cutter market and is now with the Alta also entering the market for 3D printing. Cura can see the printer and the machine seems to work fine with the default 'custom printer' settings. There is however a sequence at the beginning of the printjob where the head moves to a small waste location and pushes some filament through the nozzle before it actually starts printing. This results in a better
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