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  1. Hi All - We used to be able to open a project file after a new installation of Cura and it would automatically copy printer, material and profile settings. That option doesn't seem to be available anymore as I don't see the "would you like to open this as a project?" prompt anymore. This was the easiest and fastest way to copy settings to a new installation of the software. Is there a way to activate that prompt again or any recommendations for alternate ways to import all settings to a new installation of Cura? Have noticed it with both 4.3 and 4.4. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello! I'm new to Cura but love the new features and want to get away from S3D. I'm printing dual extrusion and when using the prime tower noticed that layer #5 fills in the hollow prime tower which is unsupported by base layers 1-4. Photos attached showing the cross section at layers 4, 5 and the last layer of the print. What feature can I turn on/off to fix this? Because it is unsupported it drags across my print. Thanks!
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