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  1. Sorry if I'm posting too much but I just pushed a few of the numbers as much as I could, and though it's borderline acceptable, I'm curious what EXACT setting is the main one to consider for improving the top layer as shown in the photo. I got the time down to 2 hr 44 m and though it's ALMOST working, this is what needs adjusting. Any help? I bet it's something simple that I'm just overlooking. Thanks people 🙂
  2. Hey ya'll, just an update. I've got my machine printing basically at 98 percent perfect! I was able to take a face shield file from something like 6 hrs, down to 5.5, down to 4h45, and now I've got it at 4hr 23min. I was mostly fine tuning speeds and the quality is nearly the same. I figured, first, that I'd share this and maybe it could help someone else. I'd def love feedback if you can improve it, or if it needs improving. I don't completely understand why the prints are doing so well and wish I could isolate the primary variables that made this possible. I hope you guys ar
  3. That cheat sheet actually ended up helping! There were so many adjustments to be made and I just wish I could understand what each one does, and why it was set to that specific numbers. The infill shape of concentric was a major turning point for me, but considering I'm not well versed in the PHYSICAL consequence of certain settings, I have no idea how to even go forward trying to make it faster. Mhigginsmoy, could you maybe share some of your experiences with optimizing for speed? My print in PLA is 3hr24m but on the PETG cheat sheet settings it's 5.5hrs. Once I get up like 20 la
  4. Thanks for sharing but unfortunately it doesn't load in cura? The file comes out as "1113205392_PET-GPROFILE_curaprofile (1).3be41f19135ee9a8651b1877af41bd51" and that's it. I've tried renaming it but it doesn't work. Thank you so much 🙂 I'm super excited to try it out!
  5. Oh yes please please! I'll absolutely take that profie!!! Thank you!! While leaving this comment there' a choose file option so I'm not sure how to export a profile from cura but I'll absolutely give it a shot 🙂 Also, for infill speed, thank you so much, I'll try that right now and see how it goes. Ya'll are amazing and I can't thank you enough 🙂
  6. I can't get PETG to work on my ultimaker 3 extended :( I've tried 8 different variations of settings and I can't stop the bubbling and stringing that ruins the print after 5-9 layers. Can you please please please list all the settings and everything in Cura to make this happen? I'm trying to figure out if I can make face guards but only have PETG. My printer works wonderfully on PLA. I'm desperate :( thank you world :)
  7. How has no one answered this question? I also want to know what kind of wood filaments are possible with the UM3+
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