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  1. Is it ok to use this with PET-G? Can't think why not but thought it best to check.
  2. Ishy

    PET-G Recommendation.

    The print speed using the profile I put up, can be reduced simply by increasing the layer height to .2mm with little impact on quality.
  3. Ishy

    PET-G Recommendation.

    Good, let me know how you get on with. Be interesting as my prints come out perfectly every time.
  4. Ishy

    PET-G Recommendation.

    Well that's strange, I've just imported that file myself and it works ok. Anyone else like to try?
  5. Ishy

    PET-G Recommendation.

    Give this a try and let me know how you get on. I'm using Cura 4.4.1 PET-G PROFILE.curaprofile
  6. Ishy

    PET-G Recommendation.

    Strange I print with mostly PET-G and really pleased with the results. I will gladly put my profile here if someone will explain how I do it.
  7. Ishy

    PET-G Recommendation.

    Thank's for that, they don't seem to have white or black which is what I need.
  8. Ishy

    PET-G Recommendation.

    Someone with an Ultimaker must use PET-G on here, any suggestions please?
  9. Hi, I'm printing some visors for NHS from PET-G. I've been using Spectrum filament that I tried from a recommendation on here. The print quality is superb and it's really not expensive but I can't get any in the UK currently as it's out of stock. My printer is an Ultimaker S5 so needs to be 2.85mm and as I'm supplying free of charge price is important so can't afford Ultimaker CPE. Any suggestions greatly appreciated thank's.
  10. I agree, Particularly interested. I never use PLA but lots of CPE and Nylon so intent profiles for these would be excellent.
  11. Be interested to know what you would like to change if you don't even have one? I haven't changed anything on my S5 and see no reason to as it does what I want. Unlike the Chinese POS I also have which I may change by throwing it in the garbage.
  12. I have used BAST Innofil PAHT which I think is carbon reinforced nylon. I couldn't break the parts but they were far to flexible for the application. Will try the PETG version next to see if that's stiffer.
  13. That's what I thought. I'll do one on Monday when I go back to work and post some pics up. Not tried it so be interesting.
  14. Interested to know if you're pleased with that Smithy?
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