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  1. That's what I thought. I'll do one on Monday when I go back to work and post some pics up. Not tried it so be interesting.
  2. Interested to know if you're pleased with that Smithy?
  3. I'll do one on my S5 to compare if you do one on your Prusa.
  4. Thank's but yes I have seen and set that. The problem is when I select open with .3mf files it doesn't see anything. If I open with all files I just get the model.
  5. Just done a fresh install of Windows 10 and Cura 4.4.1. It seems that everything I saved as a project is now just an STL file with no profile information. Any ideas, thank's.
  6. Slightly worried here. Does this update happen automatically or do we have to initiate it via the printer? Not done any updates willingly as its beginning to seem that Ultimaker are incapable of getting things right first time. Holding off on the Cura update for this reason!
  7. Thank's for that, are these settings for any layer height?
  8. I am one of the people you mention that has issues with dimensional accuracy from time to time. I own a CNC machine shop so printing is a useful addition to my business. I bought an S5 after trying a cheap Chinese printer because I simply don't have the time or inclination to tweak and test constantly. By and large it does what I wanted, I can go from design to print in no time at all and the S5 is reliable and does an excellent job until dimensional accuracy becomes important. The intent profiles would be excellent for me except I don't use any of the materials they have intent profiles for. I use mainly CPE, Nylon and Nylon/carbon. I am not alone with this as I have seen a few other posts regarding accuracy which brings me to an idea. What about a forum for people to share and request profiles. This could be divided into sub forums for different model printers much like people share files on thingyverse?
  9. Thank's, Not even looked there before.
  10. Where is the Pause at height feature?
  11. Thank's, only seems available in 1.75 so doesn't look like I'll be trying it anyway.
  12. Interesting, How is the dimensional stability when hot and wet and does it show signs of warping? Also which printer are you using?
  13. Are there going to be intent profiles available for CPE and Nylon etc?
  14. Yes at least that's what I would say but I can only go from my own engineering business.
  15. So why no intent profiles for CPE? seems strange you have an engineering profile for what is surely the least used engineering filament.
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