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  1. Hi there, We're having some issues with one of our Ultimaker 2 Extended+'s at work where after about 3 minutes of printing, the filament will get jammed in the clear bowden tube due to the feeder gears eating into the filament and the printer will start printing in air and not extruding any material. I've tried opening the feeder box and cleaning out any dust and filament particles, cleaning the two gears that latch onto the filament and testing different tension settings in the spring however the issue still persists. I'm quite certain there are no problems at the extruder end as i've cha
  2. Hello there, I am printing on a Ultimaker 3, 0.4 Nozzle, 0.15 layer height with White Ultimaker PLA at 205C. (This problem is also happening on our Ultimaker 2's where i work) I'm experiencing these inconsistent and ugly finishes on the primarily inside perimeter of prints (Please see attached). These inconsistencies seem to be happening randomly and i have little idea what could be causing them. The other picture shows bridging which looks to be bad adhesion to the previous layer. Any idea for things to investigate to get this to stop happening? My only guess is that although we t
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