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  1. I did mention I am using ABS actually, it's in the first post right above the picture. Furthermore I have been printing ABS for a long time and never had any issues with it (I think PLA gave me way more troubles back in the day). Could the problem be that this summer has been incredibly hot helping the plastic warp up?
  2. This did the trick! I finally managed to get a decent print. I have never needed to activate the fan on the first layer before, I wonder why. Thank you everybody for your helpful comments!
  3. Thank you for the quick replies! I am on 3.4.1 right now. I'll try to re-install an older version and see if something changes. Yes, I have printed ABS dozens of time with success in the past. And yes, I do have a heated bed. I agree PLA is the better material but I have printed with this very same ABS filament before with no problems. Could the issue be that the filament has just gotten old?
  4. Hello everybody, my almost 4 years old Original+ has just started giving me a new problem: whenever I try to print something, the first layer (the brim) is so warped that I have to abort the print. I tried re-leveling the bed, having the filament squeezed hard on the glass plate and a *not* squeezed at all, no change. I tried fiddling with the temperatures of both the head and the bed, still no change. I also tried changing the layer height but I always get the same result: the plastic warps upwards. I haven't used my printer in a few months and I just updated
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