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  1. We are having an interesting issue with our PVA across 3 different Ultimaker 3's. When we get toward the end of a spool of Ultimaker brand PVA, the PVA is breaking mid-print, right where it enters the feeder. The PVA is kept sealed in the airtight bag until it is put on the machine for use. We are averaging 2-4 weeks to use up a spool. The room is climate controlled at 72 degrees, and we are located in Phoenix (Relative Humidity today was a moist 19%. We're pretty sure it is not a humidity problem). We've adjusted the tension from ridiculously tight to can barely feed loose, with the same results across machines. We've tried loosening the coils on the spool before printing, we've tried taking it off the coil completely. This has been happening across all 3 of our printers, regardless of the length of time out of the bag/on the machine, external humidity, etc. The only common thread is that it is in the last 10-15' of a spool. I know it's not much, but we'd really like to get to use all of the material on the spool, instead of most of the spool? Is anyone else having this problem? Any thoughts or suggestions?
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