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  1. Thanks so much, I did not had that setting visible but thanks to your keywords I found it, AMAZING. Solved. Posting a photo in case its helpful to anyone else.
  2. Hi I am using the lates BETA 3.5 released 9/18/2018 I am experiencing still the same issue or a similar issue, I have 2 outer walls and 1 inner wall, but the one inner wall gets a second pass with barely any extrusion at all, it is unnecessary as I can see the total 3 walls perfectly touching each other without gaps, how I noticed the behaviour or how it has created an issue for me is in the transition to the next layer, the nozzle has very little pressure after that unnecessary last pass and the new outer wall ends up starting under extruded. I have tried printing inner walls first and outer walls first but either way before the outer wall gets printed there is a barely extruded inner wall. I have also turned off compensation but this only makes the last unnecessary pass still happen with unnecessary extrusion and pressure builds up on the nozzle. I have no idea how to tell CURA to skip the unnecessary compensated inner wall with barely any extrusion Hope there is an update soon. I can post a video as I don't think images show the issue, Thanks,
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