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  1. Hey @gr5 I did, and it should be fine.

    Cura even loads the model correctly, X-ray is fine too.

    Once I slice it, it just fills the entire thing.


    I noticed the problem once I loaded it into Octoprint.

    Here is what happened;

    Loaded it in Cura 3.5.0


    X-Ray view:


    Clearly this is loaded in the middle of the print bed.

    But once loaded into the printer, this happens;


    It loads in the corner, making it unprintable.

    Also it filled up everything.


    I did make models with Sketchup already, but this is very weird, and I don't think Sketchup is to blame here?

    Anyhow, thanks for the reply already, hoping to get this resolved ?


  2. Like many of us, I am a new 3D ethousiast and want to make some custom things to learn.


    I used Sketchup to create a silly keychain, but cura doesn't like it.

    When displaying the object, it shows fine, as it should, but once I try to render it, it fills the entire keychain.

    My logo just... disappears.


    I did make other models without any problems, but here is the skp for who knows what I could have done wrong :)





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